The Job Interview: The Waiting Is The Hardest Part


unemployment17You did it! You walked right into that Interviewer’s office, sat down, and absolutely aced that Job Interview.

So…now you’re waiting to hear something…anything!

What’s taking so dadburn long?

What in the world could be the holdup?

Well…in some cases, the Human Resources Department advised that person you interviewed with NOT to contact you after the interview because the Legal Department wants to avoid any miscommunication and any nastiness that would result from it.

Or, HR could simply want to be in control. Go figure.

An individual, who is a major part of the hiring process could be sick or out of town. If the employer has to wait on them to return, that means that you, the candidate, has to wait, also.

Someone important to the hiring process may be tied up, trying to meet a deadline on an important project.

Someone important to the hiring process may have been fired or they have resigned, and they have to be replaced before the company can move forward.

It may be something more complicated, like the whole department may be in the process of being reorganized and the functions of the job, or, the very need for the job itself, is being rethought.

Or, the potential employer could decide that they need to find an additional candidate for the position, in order to divide the job you have interviewed for into two separate positions.

In most companies, the hiring process requires several people’s input to complete..

There’s a lot of time-consuming corporate machinations going on.

Meanwhile, your assignment is to wait…and wait…and wait.

So, what can you do to keep yourself busy while you wait…and possibly help your chance of landing the job you’re after?

Alison Green, who writes for, published these suggestions in an article posted on September 12, 2012. The suggestions themselves are hers, the analysis (and any smart alack comments which may pop up) is mine.

1. Send a follow-up note.

This can be by email or snail mail. Don’t just thank the interviewer for the opportunity, but also state once again how interested you are in the position. Just don’t forget the name of the Interviewer. That’s kind of important.

2. But don’t follow up excessively.

Don’t be a stalker. Inquiring once a week is probably okay. Bug them everyday, and the potential employer will probably hit the delete key on your computerized file and throw your resume in the circular file.

3. Review the questions you were asked in the interview and how you did.

What questions made you stop a pause and little before answering? Don’t obsess and beat yourself up over the interview. Just review the interview to make sure that you presented yourself the way that you wanted to and keep moving forward.

4. Think about whether you want the job.

While you are waiting, you may want to consider whether the job will be the right fit FOR YOU. Are you going to be happy working there? Are you going to be comfortable with the staff, the business environment, and goals of the potential employer? As Eric Burdon and the Animals sang, “It’s MY life and I can do what I want.”. Don’t accept a job somewhere that you’re going to be miserable working at.

This point reminds me of the joke that happened one Sunday morning at a church out in the country. The Pastor was at the pulpit, delivering his sermon, when the sanctuary doors burst open, and in walks the Devil. Needless to say, the congregants all headed for the hills, except for one old farmer, sitting toward the front. The Devil walked up to him and said, “Foolish mortal, why did you not flee from me, like everyone else?” The  old farmer said, “Why should I be scared of you, Bubba? I’ve been married to your sister for 25 years!”

In other words, don’t make a mistake that you will live to regret.

5. Realize that hiring often takes longer than anyone involved thinks it will.

As I wrote earlier, the hiring process takes time. There is more to it than just a Candidate and an Interviewer. Think more along the lines of Gru and his minions from Despicable Me.

6. Keep applying for other jobs.

Even if you think you have the job, you may not. After all we have all been wrong before, even if we were only mistaken (old joke). Besides, applying for more jobs is a good way to burn off nervous energy while you’re waiting for your potential employer to call.

7. Move on mentally, if necessary.

Don’t just sit  there, do something! Move on. Don’t just sit there, beating yourself up mentally. Live your life. Move forward.

Now, all these suggestions are simply that: suggestions. How you handle the long, tedious wait to hear back from a job interview is up to you. However, don’t just while away the hours sitting in a bean bag, eating Cheetos, while watching reruns of Walker, Texas Ranger”. Your spouse will fuss at you.

Trust me. I know.

Never Give Up. Never Surrender.



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